School Photos

Our annual school photos of class groups and individual portrait photos were taken at Kororoit Creek Primary School by Arthur Reed Photos on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 February, 2023.

Sibling photos were taken on Tuesday 4 April, 2023. 

There is no need to return any forms or money to school.

Unique image codes were issued to all students on Wednesday 1 March, 2023. Families can register online to view images when they become available in the webshop.
Registration is simple, just follow the 3 simple steps on your child’s personalised flyer and remember to add the codes for all your children attending this school.
Even if you registered last year, it’s important that you do again this year using your child’s 2023 image code to link their images for the current year with your contact details.
When images are ready to view and in the webshop, all parents who have registered will be notified by SMS and email.

Once registered, please wait for notification that 2023 images are online to view before making your purchase.

2023 School Photo Information

Weekly Year Level Updates

Happy week 10 families. This week classes are celebrating a wonderful term, and we would like to thank you for all the support you have provided in this busy term.  

This week in reading students have been exploring a range of story formats including comics, story boards, music and puppets. This linked beautifully to writing as students completed the writing workshop process by publishing their own stories. Students have done a fantastic job making movies, creating puppets, dioramas and comics.  

In numeracy this week, students have begun looking at fractions with a focus on the language we use when sharing and halving objects.   

This week the prep students completed their very first colour run and how fun it was! We would like to thank the lovely parent helpers and staff that made this event possible. Students and teachers had an absolute ball.  

We would like to wish you a very happy holidays, we hope you have fun and stay safe in any travels that are taking place. 

Prep Team 


Dear Grade One Families,

What another amazing and busy term of learning we have had in Grade One. We celebrated our favourite books during Book Week, visited the Werribee Zoo, danced and partied away at the Grade One Disco and got covered in powder at the 2023 KCPS Colour Run.

In Reading, students were introduced to Reader’s Theatre. They worked in small groups to develop their reading confidence and read like their character. Our students were all risk-takers and shared their performances in front of their peers.

In Writing, students continued working on their animal exploration writing piece. They kept their audience in their minds, revising their drafts to ensure that their writing was engaging before publishing.

In Numeracy, students have been collecting and representing data in different ways. They have been using their data representations to draw conclusions using the appropriate mathematical language.

In Inquiry, students have enthusiastically been finding out about different habitats and how animals and plants are connected to each space.


  • School returns for Term 4 on Monday 2 October.
  • There will be NO homework during the first week back. Homework will begin Week 2
  • The swimming program begins Week 1 of term.
    • Students in H14 and H15 will visit the pool every Monday.
    • Students in H10, H11, H12, H13 and H16 will visit the pool every Wednesday

We thank all of our amazing families for all your support this term. Have a restful break and stay safe.

Kind regards,

The Grade One Team


Dear parents and carers, 

What a fantastic last week of Term 3 the Grade 2’s have had! The students immensely enjoyed the Celebration of Learning on Monday and the Colour Run on Thursday as well as celebrating their achievements in the AIA rewards program with classroom parties and special events.  

In Unit of Inquiry, the students have been looking into historical people and thinking about our key concepts of causation, perspective and function. They have gained a sound understanding of perspectives and the important impact these historical people have had on the world.  

In Reading this week, we have been engaging students in the Little People, Big Dreams book series that links into our Unit of Inquiry. We have been discussing motives and feelings on the historical people in the text.   

In Numeracy, students have been focusing on telling the time to the quarter and nearest minute through a range of learning experiences.  

Important dates to remember:  

  • 2 October – First Day of Term 4 
  • 4 October – Grade 2 Day Camp Webex @ 4.30pm (please see Compass post from Emma Holmes) 
  • 11 October – Grade 2 Excursion to Melbourne Museum and the Old Treasury Building- H22, H23, H24 & H25 
  • 12 October – Grade 2 Excursion to Melbourne Museum and the Old Treasury Building- H26, H27, H28, H2 

Have a safe and restful term break and we look forward to seeing you all next term. 

From the Grade 2 team  


Important Reminders/ Events:

  • Term 4 begins 2nd October
  • Hats need to be worn in Term 4. Any students that do not have their hats will have to play in designated shaded areas.
  • 3 & 4 October – Grade 3 Melton Council Incursion
  • Camp consent and medical forms due Friday, 15th October
  • Camp full payment due Monday, 9th October
  • Camp (Group 1) H43, H44, H46, H47 – October 16th -18th
    Camp (Group 2) H42, H45, H54, H55 – October 18th – 20th

Dear Families and Friends,

The Grade 3 students have had a fantastic week of learning this week! Students have begun their finding out phase by inquiring into a topic of interest connected to the unit about ‘Sharing the Planet’. They have been practising their researching and note-taking skills to learn about a topic and document their thinking.

In Numeracy, students are learning about chance and probability by playing chance games with their peers and solving worded problems.

In Reading, students are learning how to summarise a non-fiction text. They have been thinking about their purpose for summarising and choosing appropriate ways to summarise whilst identifying the important and interesting information to include.

In Writing, students have been exploring persuasive devices and how they are used to persuade an audience when writing a letter.

Wishing you and your family a safe and relaxing holiday!

Warm regards,

The Grade Three Team
Bianca, Josh, Romy, Stephanie, Jasmine, Sam, Renee, Kimberly, and Isabella.


Dear Families and Friends,

The grade 4 students have had a wonderful final week of Term 3, full of celebrations and learning! Students and teachers loved showing you how we, as mathematicians, use our strategies and skills to figure out the area and perimeter for Olivia’s pool on a floor plan. We like to extend our thank you to those who attended!

We also had the pleasure of the showcase for swimming! Students were super excited to show how they have progressed throughout the term in swimming, so again, another big thank you to those who attended! The students absolutely love sharing these moments with their families.

On Thursday, we celebrated the colour run, where students had the opportunity to be sprayed with lots of colours and participate in stationed activities! All the students contributed amazingly. We would like to thank those who also contributed to the fundraising! 

Students this week have continued investigating forces through experiments, which have created rich wonderings for us to investigate further when we return in Term 4.

Within numeracy, students have continued working through understanding area and perimeter, with the focus being composite shapes.

In literacy, students have been using their skills in top-level structures and demonstrated how they can use them within their writing pieces. 

Upcoming events/dates to remember:

  • Students need to be wearing their hats at recess and lunch. Please purchase one from the office if you require a new one.
  • Term 4 begins 2nd October 2023

We hope you have a fantastic break and look forward to seeing you after the Term break!

From the Grade Four Team, 

Bryoni, Crystal, Clayton, Bernadette, Olivia, Vanessa, Deanna and Shana


Dear Grade 5 Families, 

It is hard to believe we have reached the end of Term 3 and that only one more term remains for the 2023 school year. We would like to thank you all for your ongoing support of your children and the KCPS community this year. This term has had many highlights, such as the Colour Run this week, Book Week, Celebration of Learning, Swimming Showcase and, of course, our camp to Lake Dewar. The team is looking forward to a busy but enjoyable Term 4. 

Over the last week, students have continued learning in a transdisciplinary way about the central idea of ‘The application of science causes change’ through reading. Students have been working on planning, drafting and publishing a text to instruct of their choice.

In numeracy, classes have been exploring and measuring angles through different sporting games. 

On Friday, students were involved in an incursion with Victoria Police, speaking about online safety. We would appreciate you taking some time to talk with your child/children over the break about the messages from this session and reinforcing expectations around appropriate behaviour in online spaces. 

Dates to remember: 

  • 15 September – Grade 5 Victoria Police Incursion
  • 15 September – Assembly at 12.45pm- 4-6 in the Gym
  • 15 September – Last Day of Term 3 – 1.30pm Finish
  • 2 October – First Day of Term 4

Again, thank you for your involvement in your child’s learning this term. We hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing break and look forward to seeing everyone back in Term 4. 

Happy Holidays! 

Claire (H18), Hang (H19), Gabriel (H20), Molly (H21), Abbey (H30), Jamila (H31), Emily (H32), Agnes (H33)


Good afternoon Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for an amazing term, it sure has been a busy one for our year 6 students. Exhibition has been in full swing and students have created their central ideas ready to present next term. 

We are incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication they have shown. 

In Numeracy, the students have been working hard to understand patterns and algebra and have seen connections through a game of leapfrog. They have even been able to create rules where they have substituted numbers for letters.


  • Term 4 returns 2nd October
  • No swimming in Term 4
  • Exhibition community night Wednesday 25th October
  • Camp 27th to 30th of November

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact.

Warm Regards,

The Year 6 Team


Medication Authority Form

This form MUST be completed if a child is to be given medication at school.

Medication Authority Form

Note: Wherever possible, medication should be scheduled outside of school hours, eg. medication required three times a day is generally not required during a school day: It can be taken before and after school and before bed.

Kingswim Induction

KCPS Kingswim Induction


Kororoit Creek Primary School has a uniform policy, stating that the wearing of school uniform is compulsory. The uniform must be worn correctly without fashion accessories or enhancements (including leggings under dresses) every day. Please make sure that every item of clothing is named. Please note that plain black school shoes should be worn with the uniform (no colours). Summer uniform terms 1 and 4 and winter uniform terms 2 and 3. (Exception will be made for extreme weather conditions). Summer dresses are not suitable for winter and should not be worn with skivvies or tights underneath as winter uniform. Uniforms can be purchased directly from the supplier – Primary School Wear, 2/51-53 Westwood Dr, Ravenhall 3023. Alternatively, the Sustainable School Shop can be accessed by families interested in purchasing and selling second-hand uniform items. The school is providing this service to our community; when registering on the Sustainable School Shop you need to nominate Kororoit Creek Primary School to receive your subscription.


Uniform Policy

KCPS Uniform Collection

School Uniform Price List 2023

Sustainable School Shop Secondhand Uniform Guide

Dates to Remember

  • 2 October – First Day of Term 4
  • 3 October – Grade 3 Melton Council Incursion
  • 4 October – Grade 3 Melton Council Incursion
  • 4 October – Grade 2 Day Camp Information Session @ 4.30pm (please see Compass post)
  • 11 October – Grade 2 Excursion to Melbourne Museum and the Old Treasury Building- H22, H23, H24 & H25
  • 12 October – Grade 2 Excursion to Melbourne Museum and the Old Treasury Building- H26, H27, H28 & H29
  • 16-18 October – Grade 3 Camp Wyuna, Group 1
  • 18-20 October – Grade 3 Camp Wyuna, Group 2
  • 25 October – Grade 6 Exhibition
  • 30 October – Grade 4 Excursion to Scienceworks
  • 31 October – Grade 4 Excursion to Scienceworks
  • 2 November – Grade 4 Excursion to Scienceworks
  • 6 November – Curriculum Day. Student-free day
  • 7 November – Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
  • 13 November – Grade 2 Day Camp – Lady Northcote
  • 13 November – 2024 Prep Meet & Greet Session
  • 24 November – Art Dress Up Day 
  • 27-30 November – Grade 6 Camp – Lord Somers
  • 30 November – Prep Excursion to Fairy Park
  • 6 December – VHAP Masterclass
  • 12 December – Grade 6 Graduation
  • 18 December – Christmas Concert
  • 19 December – Student Last Day

2023 Curriculum Days

(Students are not required to attend school on these days)

Friday 27 January
Friday 12 May
Friday 25 August
Monday 6 November


2023 Term Dates

Term 1     30/01/2023 – 06/04/2023 (Years 1-6)

03/02/2023 – 06/04/2023 (Prep)

Term 2     24/04/2023 – 23/06/2023

Term 3     10/07/2023 – 15/09/2023

Term 4     02/10/2023 – 20/12/2023


2023 Camping Program

Year 2 Day Camp Lady Northcote  13 November

Year 3 Camp Wyuna Queenscliff  16-18 & 18-20 October

Grade 3 Camp 2023 Info Night Parents

Year 4 Camp Mt Evelyn  10-12 & 12-14 July

Year 5 Camp Lake Dewar Myrniong  7-9 & 9-11 August

Grade 5 Camp Information Session.pptx

Year 6 Camp Lord Somers  27-30 November

Grade 6 Camp 2023 Info Night.pptx