School Photos

Our annual school photos of class groups and individual portrait photos will be taken at Kororoit Creek Primary School by Arthur Reed Photos on Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 February, 2024.

Sibling photos will be taken on Monday 25 March, 2024.

There is no need to return any forms or money to school.

Families can register online to view images when they become available in the webshop.
Registration is simple, just follow the 3 simple steps on your child’s personalised flyer and remember to add the codes for all your children attending this school.
Even if you registered last year, it’s important that you do again this year using your child’s 2024 image code to link their images for the current year with your contact details.
When images are ready to view and in the webshop, all parents who have registered will be notified by SMS and email.

Once registered, please wait for notification that 2024 images are online to view before making your purchase.


Weekly Year Level Updates

Hello Families,  

Happy last day of Term 1! Congratulations to all the Prep’s on completing their very first term of school, their efforts have been astounding. We would like to thank parents and families for all your hard work, commitment to your child’s education and your willingness to be part of such a wonderful community.

This week in literacy students have continued the skill of making predictions prior to reading. We have loved seeing students use clues such as the title, illustrations and blub to make a smart guess about the text. When reading with students at home, please encourage your child to be pointing to the words, using the initial sound and pictures to help with tricky words.

This week in numeracy, students have completed a playground investigation. They have explored their likes and dislikes, collected data, posed a question to collect new data, and created a simple graph to represent the data.  Seesaw:

Seesaw is a platform that classroom teachers use to communicate your child’s progress. To the families who have engaged by signing in or leaving comments on your child’s work, thank you! If you are unsure how to access this, please see your classroom teacher.

Swimming Term 2:

In week 2 of Term 2, the Prep students begin swimming lessons with King Swim. These classes are compulsory for all students at KCPS. You will receive details regarding your child’s allocated swimming day. Please read the information below and see your classroom teacher for any further information.

  • Swimming caps must be worn by all students. These can be personal swimming caps or are available at King Swim for students to borrow. Please tie up long hair in a ponytail or bun for an easier application.
  • Have your child wear their swimming clothes under their school uniform. For students in a full piece, they can wear it halfway, not pulled up over their shoulders allowing them to go to the toilet easier throughout the day.
  • Ensure all items of belongings are labelled, this includes socks, undies, goggles, caps etc. We will be sharing the changing room with another class, and it is quite common for students to misplace or take the wrong items home.  
  • Pack your child a separate swimming bag from their school bag. They will be carrying their swim bag to the swimming centre. 
  • Pack your child with a towel, goggles (if they wear them), a Swimming cap (this can be a personal swimming cap or the centre will have some available), undies, swim clothes (if not wearing them)
  • At home we ask families to keep practicing how to change out of their clothes and change into their school uniform. This includes showing them how to take off a jumper and turn it inside out, how to put on their socks and turn them inside out, and how to towel dry themselves. Please remember, after coming out from the pool chlorine will make their bodies feel a little bit sticky and wet, this will also be a struggle factor for the preps when trying to change back into school uniform. With a lot of guidance and practice at home, your child will feel more comfortable and relaxed getting ready for swimming.

The Prep team would like to wish everyone a safe, happy, and restful break. We hope you find many opportunities to spend some time with loved ones.

See you in Term 2!

Dear Families.

It has been a fabulous first term! We are super proud of all our amazing Grade One students for all the hard work and effort they have shown this term.

In reading, students have been exposed to a variety of different texts where there has been a problem. Students were encouraged to question the problem and start to brainstorm some wonderings and possible solutions. This has linked to our new Unit around how humans design and build for different purposes.

In writing, students were then encouraged to take one of the stories from reading and innovate it. Students were able to change or improve something within the text and break down each element of the story from the beginning, middle to the end.

In numeracy, we have continued our exploration into patterns both within the classroom and the environment. Students have been able to copy, create and continue a variety of different patterns. Students have then had the opportunity to participate in a scavenger hunt around the school, looking for different patterns such as size, shape, colour and more!


– Swimming will commence next term, starting in Week 2. Please spend the time with your child over the holiday break practising getting dressed themselves, after a shower or bath would be ideal as students will be drying themselves and independently getting dressed after each swimming session. Please ensure that all school uniforms are labelled with your child’s name.

– Students will not be receiving homework over the holiday break. They are encouraged to read every night and have access to PM eCollection and Reading Eggs which can be found on the chronicle on Compass.

– Any recycled material donations (shoe boxes, foil, fabric, string etc.) that are collected over the break can be brought to your child’s homeroom teacher on the first week back.

We wish all our Grade One families a happy and safe holiday break and we look forward to seeing all your smiling faces back in Term 2.

Kind regards,

The Grade One Team.

Dear Parents,

We are thrilled at how much the students have succeeded this term, and we would like to express our gratitude for the hard work all families have put in this term. We thank you for everyone’s participation in the picnic, it was lovely to spend time with all the families. 

This week through our Unit of Inquiry, students took action by presenting their knowledge to the prep students teaching them an idea around our central idea ‘We have a role in creating inclusive environments’. The students have created a range of presentations including short videos, narratives, posters and songs. 

This week in Numeracy we have continued looking into time and dived into a range of activities enabling students to think about the different ways we may represent time such as analogue, digital and word forms. 

In Writing, the students have continued to draft out and publish their narratives.

In Reading, the students have continued to clarify words and have been word detectives by stopping when they have stopped understanding what they have read and self-monitoring when they might need to clarify word meanings. 

A few reminders:

  • Whilst Homework is not distributed over the school holidays, we encourage you to use Mathletics, Reading Eggs etc. 
  • Last day of school is on Thursday 28th of March, students will finish school 1:30pm
  • Students return to school on the 15th of April
  • ANZAC Day Public holiday is on the 25th of April, there will be no school. The following day 26th of April is a curriculum day, students also do not attend school.

We wish you a wonderful and safe holiday and we look forward to welcoming students back for Term 2 on the 15th of April. 

From Cassie, Rebekah, Monique, Emily, Eleanor, Taylah and Preet.

Dear Families,

We would like to extend our congratulations to all students on a successful first term of Grade Three!

They have done exceptionally well throughout the last 9 weeks. 

We wish everyone a happy and safe break and will see you all on the 15th of April for the start of Term 2.


The Grade Three Team

Bianca, Anne, Giorgia, Jamila, Jayde, Kafa, Yasemin and Sam

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

What a fantastic last week of term we have had. Cross-country was epic. Students not only have sprinted their way to the end of term, but they also demolished the cross-country track.

They investigated geometrical properties of shapes, identifying faces, edges, and vertices.

They have tuned into the ‘Who We Are’ unit, discovering all about their classmates, interests, beliefs, values and located their family’s cultural background.

It was great to see the KCPS community at the picnic, hopefully, you saw the teachers cooking away at the BBQ or getting ‘splashed’ by the students. It was a great event!

We are excited for the new term ahead. We will see you on Monday the 15th of April. 

Have a safe and happy holiday. 

The Year 4 Team 

Clayton (H32), Ashlee and Escher (H33), Gabriel (H44), Deanna (H45), Dharma (H36), Beth (H37), Krystal (H38) and Chloe and Romy (H39)

Hello families,

We hope you had a fantastic holidays and enjoyed your time together. As we look ahead, let’s share some important information for our Grade 5 students.

we would love to thank our year 5 students once again for a fantastic term 1!

  • School starts back on April 15th
  • We have no swimming in term 2
  • hats are not mandatory for term 2, however, we do encourage it
  • we have had some ongoing issues with chewing gum in class, just a reminder to please not send students with gum as it is not allowed 

We look forward to a wonderful term 2!

Thank you!

The grade 5 team!


Dear Families, 

What a wonderful start to the year we’ve had! 

Over the term, we have explored top-level text structures and synthesised our understanding from our research into Earth and its features. We have written a variety of text pieces with a focus on word choice, idea generation and sentence fluency.

In numeracy, this term has broadened our knowledge of decimals and fractions through a range of problem-solving activities. 

We are looking forward to a very busy and vibrant term 2 with lots of engaging learning experiences already in the works. 

We thank you, the families, for all your hard work and commitment to your students learning this term and cannot wait to engage with you all next term. 

Have a safe and happy holiday break, 

From the Year 6 Team
Daniel, Simon, Mel, Sarah, Shannon, Shana, Bernadette, Elyse, Ashley and Bryoni


Medication Authority Form

This form MUST be completed if a child is to be given medication at school.

Medication Authority Form

Note: Wherever possible, medication should be scheduled outside of school hours, eg. medication required three times a day is generally not required during a school day: It can be taken before and after school and before bed.

Kingswim Induction

KCPS Kingswim Induction


Kororoit Creek Primary School has a uniform policy, stating that the wearing of school uniform is compulsory. The uniform must be worn correctly without fashion accessories or enhancements (including leggings under dresses) every day. Please make sure that every item of clothing is named. Please note that plain black school shoes should be worn with the uniform (no colours). Summer uniform terms 1 and 4 and winter uniform terms 2 and 3. (Exception will be made for extreme weather conditions). Summer dresses are not suitable for winter and should not be worn with skivvies or tights underneath as winter uniform. Uniforms can be purchased directly from the supplier – Primary School Wear, 2/51-53 Westwood Dr, Ravenhall 3023.

Uniform Policy

KCPS Uniform Collection

School Uniform Price List 2023

Disability Inclusion


Kororoit Creek Primary School is excited to introduce Disability Inclusion, a new approach to help us improve support for students with disability and build a more inclusive school for all our students.

Inclusive schools have better outcomes in learning, engagement and wellbeing for all students.

Disability Inclusion will help our school better understand what our students need to help them learn, through:

  •   a new funding model with more investment
  •   a new strength-based process called the Disability Inclusion Profile to help identify the student’s needs and required adjustments
  •   more training and coaching for teachers and school staff about the best ways to support student learning.


A new funding model with more investment

The new funding model provides additional investment that our school can use to support many students including those with autism, learning difficulties and more.

This additional investment will provide more support for students with disability, including students who haven’t been eligible for individual funding through the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) in the past.

Our school can use this funding for a range of activities including

  •   more training and professional development for teachers and school staff
  •   getting expert advice about disability
  •   hiring teachers or other staff to help plan and deliver changes for students
  •   equipment and resources to support learning.


The Disability Inclusion Profile

The Disability Inclusion Profile will help us find out more about your child’s strengths and needs. It will inform personalised funding allocations, help us plan student learning and any changes a student may need to better learn.

The new Disability Inclusion Profile process will replace the Educational Needs Questionnaire used as a part of the current PSD.Disability Inclusion img 300x282

As we transition over the next three years, families of students who are part of the PSD will be asked to attend a meeting to complete a Disability Inclusion Profile.

People who know your child will be involved in the meeting, along with an independent, trained facilitator who will help our school and families complete the profile.

If your child is part of the PSD, we will work with you to find the most suitable time to complete their profile.

The profile will also be available to a broad group of students with high needs.

We will identify students who are not currently part of the PSD, who may benefit from a Disability Inclusion Profile. If we consider that your child’s education will benefit from having a profile, we will contact you.


More training and coaching for teachers and school staff

Disability Inclusion will give more teachers and support staff a better understanding of disability and how to respond. This could include access to:

  •   more professionals in schools who are experts in disability
  •   coaching
  •   professional learning
  •   evidence-based guidance and resources
  •   scholarships.


More information

Visit to find out more about Disability Inclusion.


Further Resources

Disability Inclusion Information Session, recorded on the 20th November 2023 

Disability Inclusion presentation slides

Diverse Learners Hub

Student Voice Toolkit

Tools to support student voice in a Disability Profile meeting

Frequently Asked Questions

Dates to Remember 2024

  • 28 March – Last day of Term 1, students are dismissed at 1.30pm
  • 15 April – First day of Term 2
  • 16 April – Grade 2 Walking Excursion – H17 & H21
  • 18 April – Grade 2 Walking Excursion – H18, H22 & H23
  • 18 April – Grade 2 Walking Excursion – H19 & H20
  • 19 April– VHAP Numeracy Masterclass
  • 22 April– Grade 1 Incursion
  • 23 April– Grade 1 Incursion
  • 25 April – Anzac Day Public Holiday, no school
  • 26 April – Curriculum Day, students do not attend school


2024 Curriculum Days

(Students are not required to attend school on these days)

Monday 29 January
Friday 26th April
Friday 30th August
Monday 4th November


2024 Term Dates

Term 1     30/01/2024 – 28/03/2024 (Years 1-6)

09/02/2024 – 28/03/2024 (Prep)

Term 2     15/04/2024 – 28/06/2024

Term 3     15/07/2024 – 20/09/2024

Term 4     07/10/2024 – 19/12/2024


2024 Camping Program

Year 2 Day Camp

Year 3 Sleepover

Year 4 Camp – Camp Wyuna  21-23 & 23-25 October

Year 5 Camp – Lake Dewar Myrniong  12-14 & 14-16 August

Year 6 Camp – Lord Somers  25-27 November