School Photos

Our annual school photos of class groups and individual portrait photos will be taken at Kororoit Creek Primary School by Arthur Reed Photos on Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 February, 2024.

Sibling photos will be taken on Monday 25 March, 2024.

There is no need to return any forms or money to school.

Families can register online to view images when they become available in the webshop.
Registration is simple, just follow the 3 simple steps on your child’s personalised flyer and remember to add the codes for all your children attending this school.
Even if you registered last year, it’s important that you do again this year using your child’s 2024 image code to link their images for the current year with your contact details.
When images are ready to view and in the webshop, all parents who have registered will be notified by SMS and email.

Once registered, please wait for notification that 2024 images are online to view before making your purchase.


Weekly Year Level Updates

Hello Prep Families,


Reading: Our Prep students have been honing their reading skills with a focus on using effective decoding strategies. They’ve been practising essential questions like, “Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?” These approaches have significantly enhanced their ability to read independently and confidently. We’ve also introduced the skill of inferring, where students learn to draw conclusions by examining images and videos. They’ve applied this skill to their independent reading by discussing their characters’ thoughts and feelings with peers. We encourage parents to maintain a nightly reading routine with their children, as daily book exchanges support their ongoing development and help establish a consistent morning habit.

Writing: In writing, our students are progressing through the writing cycle, which includes planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. It’s thrilling to see their growing confidence as they independently segment and blend tricky words while writing. They’re demonstrating strong letter and sound recognition, correctly using high-frequency words like “the,” “and,” and “is,” and applying proper writing practices such as using finger spaces and full stops. Their enthusiasm and competence in writing are truly blossoming!


This week, our students delved into the exciting world of measurement during their numeracy lessons. They enthusiastically measured the length of their jumps and various objects around the classroom using informal tools like Unifix blocks and dominos. Through these hands-on activities, they grasped the concept of measurement, discovering how to quantify lengths in a tangible and engaging way. The students’ enthusiasm and creativity in exploring measurements have laid a strong foundation for their understanding of practical math concepts.

First aid Incursion 

This week, our Prep students participated in an engaging first aid incursion led by Nicky, linking seamlessly to their unit of inquiry, “People Impact the Community.” They learned crucial skills, including how to call 000 for emergency help, administer an EpiPen, support someone experiencing asthma, and correctly bandage snake bites. Through hands-on activities and demonstrations, the students showed impressive enthusiasm and understanding. Congratulations to our Preps for their remarkable success in learning these vital first aid skills and their commitment to helping others in the community!

Student Led Conferences 

We are excited to announce that interview times are now open on Compass for our upcoming Parent-Teacher-Student meetings. This is a valuable opportunity for you to meet with your child’s teacher, along with your child, to discuss their progress and achievements. Interviews will be held in 15-minute intervals and your child must be present for this time, as it’s their chance to actively share their learning journey with you. Please book your preferred time slot soon to ensure you can join us for this important discussion. We look forward to celebrating your child’s growth and successes together!

Dear Grade One Families,

WOW! Where has the term gone? Eight amazing weeks of learning completed and only three more to go until the break.

In Reading, students have been diving deep into finding out about different communities and the roles and responsibilities within them. They have been learning about zoo communities, emergency services communities, school communities, home communities and sporting communities.

In Writing, students have been exposed to persuasive writing pieces and began exploring how word choice plays a powerful role in helping persuade our audience of our point of view. They have been using strong and precise verbs to enhance their writing for their audience.

In Numeracy, students have been exploring 2D shapes focusing on using the appropriate mathematical language to describe them. They investigated the ‘quadrilateral family’, discovering specific vocabulary including opposite and parallel lines, to describe the features of the different quadrilaterals.

In Inquiry, students have been investigating how to take action by creating a classroom community that works well together. They surveyed their classmates to find out what classroom jobs we should have in order for their classroom community to function properly.


  • Friday 7 June is a teacher Professional Practice Day – No school for students on this day.
  • Monday 10 June is the King’s Birthday Public Holiday. There will be NO school on this day.
  • Wednesday 26 June is a Student Free Day to support classroom teachers preparing for the Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences. Students are NOT required at school on this day.
  • Last day of Term 2 is on Friday 28 June with an early finish at 1:30pm.
  • Swimming:
    – H13, H14 and H16 will have their final swimming lesson on Wednesday 12 June.
    – H10, H11, H12, and H15 will have their final lesson on Monday 17 June. Any students that require a make up swimming lesson, their classroom teacher will inform families.
  • Student-Parent-Teacher conferences will be held on Tuesday 25 June and Wednesday 26 June. Reminder to book in your time to celebrate your child’s achievements this semester. You are also able to book in time to see one specialist teacher if required.

Kind Regards,

Natalie (H10), Jasmine (H11), Abbey (H12), Ana (H13), Renee (H14), Amanda (H15), Laura (H15) and Jade (H16)

Dear Grade 2 families,

We have had an exciting week in Grade 2 with the students going to ACMI to explore light and sound.

At ACMI students learned about the history of the moving image in the museum’s exhibits and took part in a workshop focusing on light and shadow. This week in the classroom, we have investigated how light is produced and sensed. Students have been using their skills as scientists to inquire into the topic.

This week in Numeracy, we have been reviewing and consolidating addition and subtraction knowledge.  Students have been problem solving and playing math games to practise using efficient strategies.

In Writing, we are starting our preparation for the Student Led Conferences. Students have drafted and published a letter to take home to their families to invite them to the event.

In Reading, after a successful two weeks combining our prior knowledge and text evidence to infer about character traits and feelings, we have moved on inferring the moral or message of a story.

A few reminders:

  • Monday the 10th of June is a public holiday and there will be no school.

Have a fantastic long weekend! 

From Cassie, Rebekah, Monique, Emily, Eleanor, Taylah and Preet.



Dear Grade 3 families,


  • Please note that Monday 10th of June is a public holiday for the King’s birthday
  • Student-led conferences for H30, H29, H28, H27, H26, H25 and H24 will be held on the 25th and 26th of June. Please book a time to attend through Compass. To accommodate these conferences, June 26th will be a student free day. 
  • Please ensure payment for the upcoming Dream City incursion is made before the due date through Compass. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


In reading, students have been continuing to analyse the features of non-fiction texts, focusing on how these features enhance their ability to navigate and comprehend the material.

In writing, students have continued learning how to craft procedural texts. They have also begun the process of preparing for student led conferences. 


In numeracy, students have engaged in a ‘shape hunt’ where they have identified and photographed 2D and 3D shapes around the school environment. Students have also sorted shapes using their knowledge of edges, vertices and faces. 

Unit of Inquiry: 

Throughout our unit of inquiry this week, we have been finding out about our wonderings. We have been practising note taking skills when gathering information from experts that answer our questions. 


The Grade Three Team

Bianca, Anne, Giorgia, Jamila, Jayde, Kafa, Yasemin and Sam


Dear Families, 

We hope you have had a fantastic week. The grade 4s certainly have! 

This week in reading, we have been looking at non-fiction texts and their features. We have identified the purpose of these text features and how they help us understand non-fiction texts. We have then used these features and the use of innovation to develop non-fiction texts in writing. 

In numeracy, we continued our unit of measurement. We developed and used our knowledge of measurement tools and the appropriate use of vocabulary to problem solve, estimate and justify our findings. 

Our unit of inquiry – How the World Works has been filled with experiments that demonstrate the connection between forces and motion. Students have been having lots of fun as scientists making predictions and conducting experiments. 

Upcoming events/dates to remember:

  • King’s Birthday – 10th of June (week 9)
  • Don Bosco Excursion – 18th and 19th June

We wish you a wonderful weekend!

Warm regards,

The Year 4 Team 

Clayton (H32), Ashlee and Escher (H33), Gabriel (H34), Deanna (H35), Dharma (H36), Beth (H37), Krystal (H38) and Chloe and Romy (H39)


Dear Grade 5 families,

As week 8 comes to a close, we reflect on the week that has been; Grade 5 students have continued on their inquiry journey with their recently begun unit of How We Express Ourselves. Students have been exploring how advertisements appeal to a target audience through persuasive devices. This unit is closely linked to the specialist subject of music, with students exploring communication through musical elements.

This week in reading, students continue to analyse texts and identify top level structures used by authors to critique their purpose and effect on readers.

As mathematicians, students are using their knowledge of statistics and chance vocabulary to support them in tracking the probability of events happening.

Some friendly reminders:

  • Monday 10th – King’s birthday. Students do not attend school.
  • Gates open at 8:30. Please ensure that students arrive at this time as this is when active supervision occurs. We appreciate your help with this.

Enjoy your weekend,

The Grade 5 team

Dear Families, 

This week the Grade 6’s have continued to explore their new unit of inquiry during reading and writing sessions.

In Literacy, students explored a range of historical events and people who can be described as catalysts for change within Australian history. They developed a timeline of historical events and inquired further into events and people of interest. 

In Numeracy, students have continued to explore area, perimeter and volume in real life situations, designing their own dream home and calculating the measurements of each space. 

Students have completed the first part of our parliament incursion and will complete the second part next week. 

Finally, we would like to thank Ashley Findlay of H57 for her wonderful teaching, ideas, collaboration and support over this year and previous years. We wish Ashley all the best on her new adventure. Lauren will be joining the grade 6 team, sharing H57 with Elyse. 

A few reminders: 

  • No school this Friday (Professional Practice Day) and Monday (Public Holiday) 
  • Student-parent-teacher conferences are approaching, keep an eye out for updates and invitations coming home

If you have any questions, please feel free to pop in and see us anytime.

Have a wonderful weekend!

From the Year 6 Team
Daniel, Simon, Mel, Sarah, Shannon, Shana, Bernadette, Elyse, Ashley, Lauren and Bryoni

Medication Authority Form

This form MUST be completed if a child is to be given medication at school.

Medication Authority Form

Note: Wherever possible, medication should be scheduled outside of school hours, eg. medication required three times a day is generally not required during a school day: It can be taken before and after school and before bed.

Kingswim Induction

KCPS Kingswim Induction


Kororoit Creek Primary School has a uniform policy, stating that the wearing of school uniform is compulsory. The uniform must be worn correctly without fashion accessories or enhancements (including leggings under dresses) every day. Please make sure that every item of clothing is named. Please note that plain black school shoes should be worn with the uniform (no colours). Summer uniform terms 1 and 4 and winter uniform terms 2 and 3. (Exception will be made for extreme weather conditions). Summer dresses are not suitable for winter and should not be worn with skivvies or tights underneath as winter uniform. Uniforms can be purchased directly from the supplier – Primary School Wear, 2/51-53 Westwood Dr, Ravenhall 3023.

Uniform Policy 2022

KCPS Uniform Collection

School Uniform Price List 2023

Disability Inclusion


Kororoit Creek Primary School is excited to introduce Disability Inclusion, a new approach to help us improve support for students with disability and build a more inclusive school for all our students.

Inclusive schools have better outcomes in learning, engagement and wellbeing for all students.

Disability Inclusion will help our school better understand what our students need to help them learn, through:

  •   a new funding model with more investment
  •   a new strength-based process called the Disability Inclusion Profile to help identify the student’s needs and required adjustments
  •   more training and coaching for teachers and school staff about the best ways to support student learning.


A new funding model with more investment

The new funding model provides additional investment that our school can use to support many students including those with autism, learning difficulties and more.

This additional investment will provide more support for students with disability, including students who haven’t been eligible for individual funding through the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) in the past.

Our school can use this funding for a range of activities including

  •   more training and professional development for teachers and school staff
  •   getting expert advice about disability
  •   hiring teachers or other staff to help plan and deliver changes for students
  •   equipment and resources to support learning.


The Disability Inclusion Profile

The Disability Inclusion Profile will help us find out more about your child’s strengths and needs. It will inform personalised funding allocations, help us plan student learning and any changes a student may need to better learn.

The new Disability Inclusion Profile process will replace the Educational Needs Questionnaire used as a part of the current PSD.Disability Inclusion img 300x282

As we transition over the next three years, families of students who are part of the PSD will be asked to attend a meeting to complete a Disability Inclusion Profile.

People who know your child will be involved in the meeting, along with an independent, trained facilitator who will help our school and families complete the profile.

If your child is part of the PSD, we will work with you to find the most suitable time to complete their profile.

The profile will also be available to a broad group of students with high needs.

We will identify students who are not currently part of the PSD, who may benefit from a Disability Inclusion Profile. If we consider that your child’s education will benefit from having a profile, we will contact you.


More training and coaching for teachers and school staff

Disability Inclusion will give more teachers and support staff a better understanding of disability and how to respond. This could include access to:

  •   more professionals in schools who are experts in disability
  •   coaching
  •   professional learning
  •   evidence-based guidance and resources
  •   scholarships.


More information

Visit to find out more about Disability Inclusion.


Further Resources

Disability Inclusion Information Session, recorded on the 20th November 2023 

Disability Inclusion presentation slides

Diverse Learners Hub

Student Voice Toolkit

Tools to support student voice in a Disability Profile meeting

Frequently Asked Questions

Dates to Remember 2024

  • 14 June – H31 AIA Reward – Movie Session
  • 18 June – Grade 3 DreamCity Incursion (H24, H25, H30 & H31)
  • 18 June – Grade 4 Don Bosco Youth Centre Excursion (H34, H35, H36 & H39)
  • 19 June – Grade 6 Parliament Incursion (Rescheduled)
  • 19 June – Grade 4 Don Bosco Youth Centre Excursion (H32, H33, H37 & H38)
  • 19 June – Grade 5 Aspire Higher Incursion
  • 20 June – Grade 6 Parliament Incursion (Rescheduled)
  • 21 June – Grade 3 DreamCity Incursion (H26, H27, H28 & H29)
  • 24 June – NAIDOC Week Celebrations held this week
  • 25 June – Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences 3.45pm-5.30pm
  • 26 June – Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences 12.00pm-6.30pm (student-free day)
  • 28 June – Assembly at 12.45pm, Grades 4-6 in the Gym.
  • 28 June – Last day of Term 2. Students are dismissed at 1.30pm
  • 15 July – First day of Term 3


2024 Curriculum Days

(Students are not required to attend school on these days)

Monday 29 January
Friday 26th April
Friday 30th August
Monday 4th November


2024 Term Dates

Term 1     30/01/2024 – 28/03/2024 (Years 1-6)

09/02/2024 – 28/03/2024 (Prep)

Term 2     15/04/2024 – 28/06/2024

Term 3     15/07/2024 – 20/09/2024

Term 4     07/10/2024 – 19/12/2024


2024 Camping Program

Year 2 Day Camp

Year 3 Sleepover

Year 4 Camp – Camp Wyuna  21-23 & 23-25 October

Year 5 Camp – Lake Dewar Myrniong  12-14 & 14-16 August

Year 6 Camp – Lord Somers  25-27 November